The Ultimate Brain Secret That Will Make You Unstoppable

How to significantly improve your decision making, problem solving and revenue generation skills

Dr. Eugene K. Choi


Believe it or not, research shows the part of your brain that has some amazing skills like critical thinking, great decision making, and creativity is shut OFF for about 70% of your adult life.

The reason this is true is because we experience stressful emotions like anxiety, fear, and frustration on a daily basis.

As an entrepreneur, the amount of uncertainty you have to navigate through is a continuous activity that keeps you concerned.

But what if I told you that with the latest research we now have through neuroscience, you can learn how to activate the most powerful parts of your brain at will?

You see, just like there is a specific process to growing and marketing a business successfully, there is a process to successfully tap into the best part of your brain and perform at your best.

In order to do this, there is a pill you have to take.

I’m a board certified clinical pharmacist, and I’m here to tell that this pill is totally free and you have unlimited access to it if you look for it.

And the pill is AWARENESS.

How to Activate Your Brain’s Superpowers

Red Pill Blue Pill Scene from the Film, The Matrix

So what is it that you have to be aware of?

The first thing I bring all of my clients through is to first understand this one principal about your brain and body.

There are only two states that you are ever in.

And that’s either a survival state or an executive state.

What’s important to note here is you can only be in one or the other.

If your survival state is on, then your executive state is shut off.

Survival State vs Executive…



Dr. Eugene K. Choi

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