The Ultimate Brain Secret That Will Make You Unstoppable

How to significantly improve your decision making, problem solving and revenue generation skills

Believe it or not, research shows the part of your brain that has some amazing skills like critical thinking, great decision making, and creativity is shut OFF for about 70% of your adult life.

The reason this is true is because we experience stressful emotions like anxiety, fear, and frustration on a daily basis.

As an entrepreneur, the amount of uncertainty you have to navigate through is a continuous activity that keeps you concerned.

You see, just like there is a specific process to growing and marketing a business successfully, there is a process to successfully tap into the best part of your brain and perform at your best.

In order to do this, there is a pill you have to take.

I’m a board certified clinical pharmacist, and I’m here to tell that this pill is totally free and you have unlimited access to it if you look for it.

And the pill is AWARENESS.

How to Activate Your Brain’s Superpowers

Red Pill Blue Pill Scene from the Film, The Matrix

So what is it that you have to be aware of?

The first thing I bring all of my clients through is to first understand this one principal about your brain and body.

There are only two states that you are ever in.

And that’s either a survival state or an executive state.

What’s important to note here is you can only be in one or the other.

If your survival state is on, then your executive state is shut off.

Survival State vs Executive State

Photo by Samuel Scrimshaw on Unsplash

Imagine you’re out for a walk and you come face to face with a tiger that’s ready to eat you.

The fear you are feeling cause your survival state to kick in.

And think about how you feel in this moment.

You enter into what’s called a fight-flight-freeze state.

It’s this exact state that is the only reason you would ever feel stuck when trying to make an important change or figure out a solution.

This is because when the survival state kicks in, that part of the brain that can think is actually turned OFF.

Think about it. If a tiger is about to eat you, there’s no time to think, you have to react or you might die.

It only is capable of reacting with one of the fight-flight-freeze responses.

And we’re in this state for about 70 percent of our adult lives because we’re triggered by stress, anxiety, frustration and the many other survival emotions that don’t feel good.

The Three Reactions That Prevent You From Performing at Your Best

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Remember we spend about 70% of our adult lives in this survival state where we are reacting to something without thinking.

This is why time feels like it goes by so fast because all of that survival programming is kicking in and we just live life like a robot just continuous reacting to our fears everyday.

When you enter the survival state, your brain will react without thinking by either triggering a fight, flight or freeze response.

Here are some examples of each reaction below.


Imagine someone says something hurtful that upsets you. The fight reaction causes you to get defensive and launch into an argument. And usually this attack and defend conversation doesn’t end up in a productive result.

Or imagine the people who get into a physical altercation during a bar brawl. This is a classic fight reaction. This is most often a defensiveness around one’s ego.

Some people spend their whole lives feeling the need to prove something to others, which causes them to fight for their next accomplishment. They tell themselves it’s important to “work hard” and fight for these accomplishments when deep down, they’re stuck in an endless experience of feeling unfulfilled and unhappy.


The reactive flight response is when you run from an uncomfortable or scary experience. Procrastination is a classic example.

We also reactively flee from people who we want to avoid confrontation with.

One of the worst flight reactions is when you numb yourself to avoid feeling the painful emotions. Everyone has their signature numbing mechanism. Perhaps you like to binge-watch Netflix. Or you like to eat a tub of ice cream. Of maybe you overindulge in alcohol, sex, or drugs.


The freeze reaction is analogous to playing dead. Imagine being caught in a lie. Don’t you just freeze up? That’s your brain hoping the problem will go away if you just play dead.

The Place Where Your Superpowers Lie.

Photo by Adam Bixby on Unsplash

Now take a moment to observe all the fight-flight-freeze behavior you engage in.

What’s important here is not to judge it, but simply to start becoming more aware of it.

Once you get better at this, that’s when you start to experience a state of joy, gratitude and love.

And then things start to feel clearer and you finally can see that there’s more opportunities and solutions than you thought.

This is the executive state.

Here are some of the superpowers you turn on when you’re in this state:

  • Critical thinking
  • Executive function (The ability to make good decisions)
  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Empathy

And when you‘re in the executive state, that’s when you experience flow, solve difficult problems, and have that “aha!” breakthrough moment.

So you can imagine why it’s extremely important for you to understand how to develop the skills of turning this state on.

How to Tap Into Your Executive State at Will

Photo by Halacious on Unsplash

When a group of people were surveyed and asked the question, Who’s got your back?

55% of those people said “Nobody”

And of those people, 60% of them were married.

Here’s the bottom line.

If you don’t feel free to be yourself where you are free from judgment and shame, then you will forever be trapped trying to survive from these things.

This is why it’s so important to be aware.

Think about if you had a piece of broccoli stuck between your teeth.

Whether it’s someone pointing out to you or you find it when looking in the mirror, you can’t remove it until it comes into your awareness.

The same applies when you have a reaction you repeatedly engage in due to an underlying fear that’s been programmed into your brain.

So take a moment and reflect.

What actions in your life are actually reactions?

Do you find yourself feeling the need to fight towards something rather than being pulled by it?

That’s survival.

Do you find yourself procrastinating or numbing yourself with distractions because you don’t really think a better life is possible for you?

That’s survival.

Or maybe you’ve been stuck in the world of inaction where you just freeze up and convince yourself that you’re happy staying where you are forever without growing. Yet every day, you have this small ounce of sadness following you around.

That’s survival.

Can you see it?

The amount of survival that you are in?

It’s only when you develop that awareness and finally have the eyes to SEE the exact moments of survival you are in that you give yourself the empowerment to change.

So take a moment each day to give yourself the safe space to see. Then make the decision to change.

Then that’s when things will finally become a little bit more phenomenal each day.

Welcome to your best life.

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