The Little Known Reason Why You Get Burnt Out

Dr. Eugene K. Choi
5 min readNov 21, 2022

And the best way to recuperate from it

Photo by Morgan Basham on Unsplash

Why do people get burnt out?

The reason might not be because of what you think.

There are way too many people who overwork themselves into exhaustion, but the burnout you run into is for deeper reasons.

Here’s what I mean.

Imaging there are two companies that are about the same size and have the same workload.

While employees in Company A are reporting high levels of burnout, the employees in company B are thriving.

Even though their circumstances are the same?

Why could this be?

Research shows it’s because of loneliness.

When you work in an environment where you feel supported by your peers and leaders, it helps you grow.

How supported you feel directly correlates with how burnt out you get.

So when hitting burnout, you have to first ask yourself, how supported do you feel?

The burnout often hits when it feels like no one in your circle of friends and colleagues understand what you’re going through.



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