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Murder, Suicide, and Love

14-year-old Rhonda Britten was getting ready to go out with her family for a Sunday Brunch on Father’s day.

As a lower middle class family, going out to eat was a special occasion. Everyone got dressed up to look nice.

Rhonda and her mother come out of the house to get going and as her father gets to his car, he yells out that he’s going to get his coat.

He opens his trunk, but he didn’t get his coat.

Instead he grabs a gun.

He starts yelling at Rhonda’s mother, “You made me do this! This is your fault! You made me do this!” then he points the gun at her.

At this point Rhonda starts screaming at her dad to stop. She even starts screaming that she loves him to try and get his attention.

It doesn’t work.

Her dad pulls the trigger on mom.

He cocks the gun again and this time points it at Rhonda.

She stares in shock.

Rhonda’s mom is still alive and with her hands clutched around her abdomen where the first bullet is lodged, she shouts desperately, “DON’T!”

Dad points the gun back at Rhonda’s mom and shoots her again. He then looks over at Rhonda, puts the gun to his own head and fires.

After this traumatic experience of being the only witness to the murder and suicide of her parents, Rhonda tried to keep it together. On the outside things seemed like she was doing okay. She kept her straight A’s in school. Got a full scholarship to college. Even her therapist said “You seem like you’re doing great”

But her inner world was a mess. She became an alcoholic, was depressed, and tried to commit suicide three times.

She later went on to turn her whole life around and help people all over the country as a life coach. She had her own Emmy-award winning television show and was also on Oprah twice to share about how she overcame her biggest struggles to helps others overcome theirs.



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