How I Helped My Friends Make $150K In Two Weeks

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Dr. Eugene K. Choi


TubbyNugget Instagram Comic

Have you ever heard of a really amazing opportunity you could apply for but don’t feel like you have what it takes to get it?

That’s what happened to my friends, Josh & Jenine, the creators of the hit Instagram comic, Tubby Nugget.

One day, Josh’s uncle called him and told him about an opportunity at Snapchat for creatives to win a $150,000 investment.

The problem was that the applications were due the NEXT day.

They managed to scramble together all the information needed to apply and then found out they made the cut to try and pitch the investors.

But the problem was they’ve never made a pitch before.

This was an event where a whole group of creatives had to pitch their business idea to the investors on why they should give them their money. Just like they do on the show Shark Tank.

I’ve had experience business coaching over 50 entrepreneurs and counting by then, so I asked them if they needed help with their pitch.

They accepted my help so I got to work on figuring out how we can make sure they maximize their chances of winning.

We spent a couple of hours that following week organizing and brainstorming how to make their pitch.

After we finished putting everything together, they headed over to Snapchat headquarters in Venice Beach, CA the next day.

On their way over, they were rehearsing the pitch over and over again. A bit of panic kicked in as they bickered occasionally on which order they needed to say things in.

Josh was trying to memorize the pitch verbatim by reading their script over and over again, but when he looked over, he noticed Jenine wasn’t even reading anything.

Josh panicked further because he was worried Jenine wouldn’t remember her lines. Jenine reassured him that this is how she processes and memorizes information so he didn’t need to worry.

Nervous, Josh took Jenine for her word and rehearsed one final time. Then they headed into the hip-looking headquarters of the Snapchat building and found their way into the room in…



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